Our Story

the beginning

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Picture a universe you grew up with, perhaps its a comic book world full of bad-ass super heroes, a TV series set in an era you love or a fantasy cinematic universe that wows with its creativity. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could dive into those pages or through the screen and experience it in real life? Here at Rogue Events, we're in the business of doing just that.

Founded in December 2016, Rogue Events is a start-up events production company that specialises in immersive experiences. Whether it be a fictional wizarding world or turn of the century England. As well as immersive public events (you can view those here) we bring innovative, interactive experiences to develop new ways of learning for the professional and educational markets.

If you want to read more about our journey and our experiences you can check out the articles we've written on the subject here.

the Middle

The art of storytelling has been used for millennia to convey information, moral lessons or simply for the thrill of the ride. Here we use the same concept, but why tell a story when you can live it!? Here's what we do:​



We produce captivating immersive experiences, such as Bothwell School of Witchcraft to give people an unforgettable adventure they'll remember forever. You can check out our experiences here.

Training & Education


Use experience design, 360° Immersion and story telling in education and training to enhance learning and develop team work. Checkout our educational services here.


Professional Growth

Share our expertise! Between us we have combined knowledge and experience in many areas to help businesses grow and develop. You can check out our consulting services and book a free consultation here.

the Finale

We're a young start-up company and we're only scratching the surface of what we can achieve as a business. We believe immersive experiences and events have a big part to play in the future. As technology becomes more advanced people are looking for "unplugged" experiences to dive into. All you need to do is look at the the sheer number of themed pop-ups in cities, the tonnes of escape rooms world-wide or the success of events like The Secret Cinema to see the varied and evermore spectacular adventures people are seeking out. 

If you like what we've got to say and are interested in hearing more about us or want to work with us you can contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page

Meet The Team


Cameron Readman

CEO & Creative Director
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Cameron manages all of the projects and strategy at Rogue Events and produces the creative material; whether it be experience design, character back stories or websites and media. He quickly tapped into his creative side while developing Bothwell School of Witchcraft and now heads up the majority of creative projects for the company.

With a background in systems engineering, Cameron is ideally suited to manage projects, produce timelines, budgets and road maps. He brings his engineering experience to the events industry, applying agile principles and lean techniques to run large events with a small team. He also has some previous experience with the military, customer service and pastoral care. He is an avid historian and draws a lot of his creativity from historical fiction. 


Stuart Munnich

Chairman & COO
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As Chairman, Stuart oversees the projects at Rogue Events ensuring they fit with the companies strategy and meets its goals. As COO he also ensures the smooth sailing of events and projects, manages the financials as well as taking the ownership of the logistical side of events.

Stuart has a background in Corporate Events, Business Development and Sales. He is currently serving in the RAF Reserves in the intelligence corps and draws a lot from his military experience. He is a fitness enthusiast, plays golf whenever he can and reads as many books as he can, developing his knowledge and understanding in several areas of business.