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The medium of storytelling has been used for a millennia to relay information, impart moral lessons or simply for the thrill ride they can provide. At Rogue Events, we do one better, by making people become a part of the story they live and breathe the teaching points, rather than being simply told them. We uses the art form of live action role-play and immersive interactive environments to provide alternative and exciting training methods. From working with children to provide a fun, interactive environment to learn, right up to creating structured corporate training programs that use live-action role play to develop skills in the workplace.

Perhaps its using potions class in a fictional wizarding world to teach children the fundamentals of chemistry or provide corporate staff with a real-world challenge. Why would you provide a seminar for your HR staff on what sales do when you can let the live the role through simulated environments and challenges? We use 360° immersion to help people become a part of the story. There's so many application for this method of training, we couldn't possibly list them all! We tailor all of our experiences to your needs and requirements.


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