Rogue Events Does Movember

As Rogue Events is headed up by two particularly hairy males, we thought they'd be ideal candidates to grow some mo's for charity. In all seriousness though, both of Rogue Events founders have either suffered through their own issues with men's health or are close to those that have. We thought th

ey'd be ideal mouthpieces to help advocate for mens health issues. 

Men's health, whether mental or physical, has come to the limelight in recent years due to many studies showing men are less likely to talk about their problems, seek help or even go to a doctor. Lots of deaths, debilitating conditions and poor mental wellness can be entirely preventable if men only opened up to others. This isn't a one-side battle though, we also need to ensure we're there for one another and let those close to us know we're always available to talk AND follow through with it. These issues are not limited to men and we should ensure we're available for all our friends, family and acquaintances, however, sometimes men need a little extra help and that's what this month is all about. 

Throughout this month our directors will be raising money, telling stories, encouraging others to share theirs and of course displaying their fabulous 'tashes to the world. If you want to donate you can visit their 'Mo Space' here. Any size of donation is appreciated. 


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